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$10 Art 101 Budding Artist Sets

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Save Over 50% on Tulip Tie-Dye Kits

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Art Craft Activity Educational Hobby Kits

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Learn It By Art Makerspace Kit

15 pounds of creativity! The Builder Kit I features a variety of arts and craft materials including heavyweight tagboard, art yarn, bleeding art tissue, non-bleeding art tissue, construction paper, wiggle eyes, craft sticks, wood sticks, coated etching papers, chenille stems, pom pons, Artstraws paper tubes and graph paper. Tomorrow’s architects, engineers and scientists are using Learn It By Art Makerspace kits today!

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Royal Langnickel Oil Paint Set

Includes case, oil color paints, brushes, painting pad, palette, palette knife, pencil, eraser, sharpener, instruction book.

Free shipping on orders over $25 or with Amazon Prime or free trial.

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Only $7.62
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