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Simple & Inexpensive Way to Heat an Above Ground Pool

No more cold pool! Equipment/Supplies Needed:

  • Portable Propane Water Heater with Pump (Options & Links Below Video)
  • Propane Tank with Propane
  • 12V Battery

Portable Propane Water Heater with Pump

We purchased the smallest Camplux portable water heater (1.32 GPM) and pump (1.2GPM) to heat our 2,500-3,000 gallon Intex pool and it works fine. Larger heaters and pumps are available if you have a larger pool or just want to heat it up faster. GPM = Gallons Per Minute (of hot water output). Prices may change at anytime.

Note: The Camplux water heaters require Qty 2 regular household D batteries.

Water Heaters with Pump

Easy Pump Kit Option

They do sell a pump kit that makes it even easier to hook the pump to a 12V battery, no wiring required and includes hosing and battery clips. If you go with the pump kit, then you can buy a propane heater that doesn’t include a pump. 1.6 GPM Pump Kit, $85.99

Water Heaters without a Pump

Larger heaters are available, but they do not have carrying handles.

Individual pumps are also available, but then you’d have to figure out hosing yourself; 1.2 GPM Pump, 1.6 GPM Pump, and 3.3 GPM Pump.

Propane Tanks

If you don’t like dealing with propane exchanges, buy your own tank and have it filled as needed; Flame King Propane Tank without gauge or with gauge.

12v Battery

You can most likely use any 12v battery that you already have. We used a marine battery. Otherwise, you can buy a 12v Battery.

A battery charger is nice to have also, if you don’t already have one. Amazon has the NOCO GENIUS1 and many other battery chargers to choose from.

They even make solar powered chargers. Examples: Renogy 10W 12V, Upgraded 7.5W 12V, SUNAPEX 1.8W 12V, and more. We have not tested any of the solar charges, but the reviews look good.

Feel free to reach out with any questions, we will do our best to answer them!

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