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Less than $4! What’s inside Pom Pops Surprise Boxes?

Less than $4! What’s inside Pom Pops Surprise Boxes?

Includes activity booklet, 1 DIY hair accessory, 1 plastic tweezer, 5 themed toy surprises, 1 Glue, 4 cutouts, 1000 pom poms, 1 DIY keychain

There are 3 different themes to discover - Unicorn, Llama, and Mermaid. Contents and colors may vary.

Dig through 1000 colorful pom poms to find fun, themed toy surprises to unwrap and play with. There are over 100 different toy surprise options, so you never know what toys you'll find! Find a scrunchie or hairbow to fill with pom poms and wear it as a cute fashion accessory. There's also a plastic keychain hidden inside! Express your creativity by decorating it with pom poms and clipping it to your backpack. Use your remaining pom poms to create fun craft projects. Reference the included activity booklet for inspiration or create your own masterpieces!

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