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Squishmallows Mystery Box Unboxing Video

Are Squishmallows Mystery Boxes Worth It?

Yes! Our mystery box included 3 different adorable retired Squishmallows with both the original retail price and the resale value being more than we paid. If you know someone who loves Squishmallows or plush toys / stuffed animals, this is a great deal and gift idea!

We paid $22.99 for the mystery set at Amazon, only $7.66 per Squishmallow! Our box included Joelle Bigfoot, Bex Fox, and Reginald Corgi Dog. So cute! See our unboxing video below. Available at Amazon Which Squishmallows will you get?

This mystery plush box will contain ANY three 8 inch Squishmallow styles chosen at random. AUTHENTIC SQUISHMALLOWS! Authenticity can only be guaranteed if shipped and sold by Amazon. Note: These mystery boxes go in and out of stock. If unavailable, check back later. Good luck!

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