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A new Wordeal is available each day at approximately 12:01 AM CST

How to Play

You get 6 tries to guess the Wordeal.

Each guess must be 5 letters. Hit the “ENTER’ button to submit each guess.

The tile colors will change after each guess to help you solve the Wordeal.

Green = Letter is in the word and in the correct spot.

Yellow = Letter is in the word but in the wrong spot.

Grey = Letter is not in the word.

Wordeal vs. Wordle

Shoutout to Josh Wardle who created the original Wordle game that is now published by The New York Times. Wordeal is a recreation with a few modifications/differences.

Wordeal will allow guesses of any 5 letters, including misspellings, proper nouns, names, brands, and gibberish.

Correct guesses will show a deal related to the Wordeal of the day.

The game is over after 6 incorrect guesses. Refresh the page to try again! The Wordeal is not revealed after incorrect guesses but will be shown on this page the following day.

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